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Tibetan Knot Bracelet (Navy Blue / Glitter) - Balance

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Handmade Tibetan Knot Bracelet (also known as lucky knots).  This sleek half navy blue half glitter bracelet was hand-knotted to represent balance. It stabilizes feelings, emotions and energy, helping attract calmness and rational thinking. Eliminate stress and worries while developing charisma and clarity, this bracelet will help bring stability to those annoying mood swings. 

Each Tibetan bracelet represents mindfulness and it is said that by meditating on the individual colors, spiritual transformations can be achieved.

Each Tibetan Knot Bracelet is adjustable from 16 cm to 21 cm by pulling the cords joined by a beautiful knot. 

For centuries, mantras have been used in spiritual practice to focus and transform subtle energy.
The healing energies awakened by the sound of the mantra are inherent in the psyche. In the Buddhist tradition, these positive forces are characterized as divinities: manifestations of a transforming force found in our mind.
 Wear your Tibetan Bracelet while meditating and during your spiritual practice.